Ensuring that a proposed project makes sense economically is an essential first step. We effectively generate solutions that identify the most efficient approaches to construction. We use tools and resources to verify the economic viability of each project from site selection to market analysis. Optimum Group helps clients determine that they are undertaking the right project in the right place at the right time. Key areas of feasibility analysis include:

Financial Viability

Our Financial Viability analysis is bottom-line driven. We incorporate information about the five key
areas of fiscal feasibility --market, location, usage concept, competition and risk-- to verify the achievability based on standard industry and economic benchmarks.

Physical Suitability

Physical Suitability is critical to reducing construc-
tion and entitlement risk. We assemble experienced teams that prepare thorough studies in order to understand all site characteristics. Once site investigation is complete, we apply our expertise to determine strategies that will eliminate potential challenges and overcome obstacles in the most cost-effective manner.

Political Practicality

Political Practicality is the third key to minimizing risk and leading to project success. We develop under-
standing of the local permitting process, political will, and community interest. We then set an ecconomical strategy for working with the community and de-
signing the project to best achieve the necessary approvals.


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